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An afternoon with the world championship in public speaking 2018


Toastmasters is something most of us arefamiliar with and have some or the other experience in . Today , we had theWorld Champion of Public Speaking , Ramona Smith speak to us . It was a highlyinteractive and humorous session .  As we grow older , our attention spanin terms of listening tends to reduce , but Miss Smith radiated such positiveenergy that all of us were glued to our seats , keenly listening to what shehad to say next . 


Her speech was incredibly relatable to us ,which is uncommon as a lot of adults fail to understand our perspective . Inaddition to the other values she talked about , discussing about ego and how itcan lead to our downfall and the importance of having a larger purpose andtaking everything in a stride resonated with us . The Q an A session gave us adeeper insight into her success story as well as the hurdles that we may facein the future and how to deal with it . 


Towards the end , we were shown the awardwinning speech which led her to become Champion . The speech , which took it’sbasis on a boxing match , was structured so intricately that all the differentaspects and experiences seemed to intertwine with each other effortlessly ,making it an interesting speech .


While all of us get dejected by a singlesetback , Miss Smith’s journey has taught us to learn from our failures andtake those lessons and apply them for a better future . 


                                      - Gauri Parvati