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CRITICAL THINKING WORKSHOP by Mr. Hemanth Julka - Governor - JSSIS


On Sunday, the 23rd of September, Mr. Hemant Julka who is a Senior Manager at the Emirates Group and the founder of a non – profit organization called “LiveYourDreamz” talked to the students of 11th grade about an increasingly important metric required from everyone in various industries in theimpending future, the ability to think critically. The objective of the seminar was to teach students to think differently about everything in life, a practice which would lead to success as explained to us by him. The discussion was dialogue – based which enabled the students to interact with him and opine on various topics involving critical thinking. He also told us about the various types of thinkers namely, the naïve thinkers, the selfish critical thinkers and the fair – minded critical thinkers. Getting to know these terms was a fun experience since all of us could relate to a few moments in our lives when we may have thought in a particular way. The day 1 session ended with an assignment to interview our parents about critical thinking and make a presentation on various important topics that could shape the future of the world. The presentation had to be prepared for the next session. The second session with Mr. Hemant Julka was organised on 30th September. The session was fabricated in such a way that it brought out the ability of critical thinking in students through tools such as assignments which required us to step out of our comfort zones and search for the right answers using the right questions. The session’s aim was to improve students’ general ability to think both clearly and rigorously and enhance students’ ability to identify, present, analyze and critically evaluate arguments presented in everyday and academic contexts. The children initially explored some problems based around real situations like sustainability. This led to discussions which encouraged the children to naturally raise questions, which they were very keen to find answers to. The sustainability development goals project really encouraged all of the children to engage in meaningful discussion and provided lots of opportunities for deeper thinking throughout the day at all level. We were also asked to find out how critical thinking is applied on a daily basis by having a small interview with our parents and friends. On successful completion of this module, we acquired a range of skills in critical thinking and basic logic. We were able to identify and critically analyze arguments presented in everyday and academic contexts and diagnose common fallacies and rhetorical devices. On our third session, all of us engaged in an active discussion to try and come up with a short and long-term solution to some of the important UN Sustainable Development Goals using the skill if critical thinking that we have learned in the previous sessions. We attacked the problem in a scientific and procedural way of why what, and how where we first understand why the goal is a problem is a problem in the first place and why we need to solve it. The two other questions were for deciding on the objective and way to achieve that objective. Later, each team put forward solutions to the respective issues such as raising awareness in school through seminars and workshops led by students for their juniors thereby implementing what we learnt. We would need to implement these ideas in school and at home to create a significant impact on the world.