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ISC and ICSE Board Performance


We are also very proud of our Class of 2017 achievements in the CISCE and ISC board Examination results. Our school achieved 100 % in both CISCE and ISC examinations. In ISC, school average is 84% and a total Centum of 8 with 5 in Psychology, 1 in Computer science, economics and Sociology. In ICSE, School Average is 88 % with total 6 centums. 3 centum in Commercial Studies, 2 Centum in Computer Application and 1 in Mathematics. 16 students secured more than 90% in ISC and 27 students secured above 90% in ICSE.

Our UAE toppers are as follows :

ISC UAE Topper

Noureen Abdul Nasar in Economics 100% , in Psychology 100%

Anukriti Jaiswal In Computer Science 100%

Aditi Monga in Art 86%, in Sociology 100%, in Psychology 100%

Karan Chouhan in Psychology 100%

Pulastaya Pratap Choudhary in Psychology 100%

Teena Mathew in Psychology 100%


Harshi Kabra in Art 99%

Aardra Jogesh in Mathematics 100%

Gauri Parvati in Commercial Stuies 100%

Neha Das in Commercial Studies 100%

Rohini Kichlu in Commercial Studies 100%

Gayatri GIrish in Computer Applications 100%

Utsav Paudel in Computer Application 100%

Year after year, JSS International School has a record of producing outstanding results in the Board Examination! Or students had done us proud once again in this year's result! We are very proud of them and wish them all the best in their further studies!