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JSS Talk on Geoinformatics Systems


On the 16th of October, a JSS Talk was conducted for grades 9-12 by Dr. Honne Gowda, a scientist par excellence. He graduated from the University of Agricultural Sciences with a Bachelors of Fisheries Science, Masters of Fisheries Science and a PhD in Aquatic Biology in the years 1982,1985 and1989 respectively. He has served the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) as a scientist. His main area of specialization however, is Geoinformatics applications and geospatial enabled technologies for natural resource management. He commenced his talk by enlightening the students about the processes of urbanization and industrialization along with the industrial and agricultural revolutions. He also addressed the harsh reality of climate change and delved into the negative impacts the aforementioned phenomena had on the planet such as the increasing pressure on land, exploitation and destruction of natural resources, pollution, global warming, etc. He then moved on to speak about the many different types of satellites and the recent developments in their technology, with a special focus on remote sensing satellites and their uses. He also explained to us the working of Unmanned Aerial Systems and the different techniques that can be used to implement sustainability such as the use of drones to survey areas for developing sustainable infrastructure. The talk provided us with an insight on topics we had little to no prior knowledge of. Rohinii Kichlu 11B