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On the 24th of October , the Commerce students of Grades 10 and 11 were taken to Ocean Pearl Food Manufacturing in Umm al Quwain to understand the different processes in the manufacturing process and the working of the industry . Shani ma’am and Chellah sir accompanied us as well . Mr Balaji , took us through the various processes involved in the production of mayonnaise , tomato ketchup and honey . From our previous knowledge , we were able to pinpoint the process based division of labour , the organization and departmental division . There are multiple departments involved , which includes but is not limited to Production , Finance , Quality Control , Logistics (Warehousing) . With the production of each new batch , a thorough sterilization process takes place which is called CIP or Cleaning in Place . Caustic Soda was utilized in the cleansing process . He told us that the machinery in use was propelled by compressed air passed through pipes . Moreover , he partially alluded to Microbiology while talking about shelf lives and the importance of the different sanitation measures to kill microbes and bacteria or prevent their growth . The packing and labelling stations were also in the same factory , including the shrink wrapping . It was incredible that we could apply our knowledge from previous grades in real life situations , which is the true essence of commerce . It was an educational and enriching experience for all of us and we hope to have more such visits soon . Gauri Parvati 11B