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Organic Farm Report


On the 15th of March,2018, the girls of grade 7-9 visited GEM's Our Own Indian School. We observedhow they grow plants in new and innovative ways. The high school Biologyteacher, Mr.Amit Rodrigues gave us a full experience of their farms and weobtained a complete understanding of modern day ideas of growing organicplants. We visited their hydroponic, aquaponic and aeroponic systems, we alsosaw their vertical garden and canopy. It was a very inspiring experience and wewish to initiate the same in our school. Hydroponic system is a method ofgrowing plants in a water based, nutrient rich solution in the absence of soil.Plants grown by this method are lettuce and strawberry. Aquaponic system isbased on the concept of symbiotic relationship between plants and fish whichhas mutual benefits. The waste excreted by fish contains nitrogen, which isbeneficial for the growth of plants, the nitrogen mixes with water which isthen supplied to the plants. Cauliflower is grown by this method. Aeroponics isthe process of growing plants in an open or mist environment in the absence ofsoil. Lettuce and herbs are among the best for a aeroponic system.

We would like to thankMr.Amit for giving us an oppurtunity to visit and to learn from their farms. Wewould also thank Ms.Anita, Ms.Sana and Ms.Udayalakshmi for accompanying us.