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“Whenever there is a human being there is an opportunity for compassion, kindness and empathy”

In keeping with the UAE Government’s national initiative for “anti-bullying week”, JSS International School is pleased to shoulder the responsibility of keeping our children safe and happy by holding the “anti-bullying week” from 22nd April 2018 to 28th April 2018. 

JSS is a strong advocate for anti-bullying and ensures that all pupils at school are completely safe from any physical, social, emotional, sexual, and intellectual harm or damage. 

The JSSIS vision is to relate Education to Life and to shape and mould students in a safe, enriched environment to enable them to become successful and productive members of the society. It becomes extremely important that every child is respected for who they are and what they will be and the first steps towards this fruitful journey begins with educating children about compassion, kindness and empathy.

In order to emphasize the importance of creating an atmosphere for zero tolerance for any kind of bullying, the school is taking a step towards nipping the problem at its bud by:

1)Implementing our Anti-Bullying campaign that would focus on educating, creating awareness of the concern and inspiring students their social responsibilities and signs of bullying.

•The Anti-Bullying campaign would be held throughout the school and proactive and nurturing measures would be taken against the bully and the bullied in terms of determining the root cause, positive reinforcement and prevent future bullying activities.

•The campaign would also ensure that the children facing the harm of bullying would be helped by noticing the signs of bullying, identifying the root of the problem and implementing a neat and clean solution to curb it as soon as possible. 

•The members of the school will also be educated and an awareness will be raised on the different types and sources of bullying in this fast paced digital world which is laced with harm and concerns and educating oneself is the only stepping stone to terminate this problem.

2)We believe that prevention is better than the cure and hence organizing an anti-bullying committee holding representatives from all over the school, including parents and teachers who would all collectively pose as the core team of the program to help nip the problem at the bud.

3)The school will embed the culture of support, report and defend and children will be empowered with the general idea to take a stand, lend a hand.

Join us in making our school a mirthful haven to learn and experience the joys of being a safe and productive individual.