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TAJNEED ( Bus Monitors Enrichment programme ) by Shabeel Umer - JSSIS Governor


Tajneed is a workshop that is developed to make sure that the existence of the bus monitors is very much necessary in school as well as in the society. The main aim of this workshop is to mould their knowledge through various activities. Throughout the process Shabeel Umer sir, a Sheikh Hamdan Awardee who gave us the opportunity to become the grand ambassadors of this glorious foundation has been an all-time support system. Every session is entitled with a theme. The theme of our first session was team building. All the bus monitors were asked to divide themselves into 4 groups and then they were told to form circles. Unintentionally they all held their hands in order to form circles and this is what brought out the theme of team building. This workshop enhances the importance of hard work, team work, being caring and understanding irrespective of the difference in castes, religions etc. Day by day we are experiencing a lot of positive vibes from all our bus monitors and this motivates and inspires the grand ambassadors and Shabeel Sir to strive more and more to make the most out of this workshop.