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Talent Day


If I had to summarize Talent Day with 3 emotions experienced by students, it would be; Stress, determination, and joy. Stress came from those who were up next to perform on stage, determination came from those who prepared a lot for their activity to win in their respective category, and a joyful atmosphere was created by all the 6-12thgrade students who enjoyed witnessing and participating in the special event asa whole.
 The day started out with the senior school student council students, running back and forth between the assembly and school building for the final preparations of the stage and to ensure there are no inconsistencies that need to be addressed (which there was). Once that was accomplished, we had all the participants change into their colour clothes and everyone headed to the assembly with excitement (at least those who weren’t participating, the others panicked). I was responsible for the backstage work, therefore I had personally seen all the ‘minor’problems and confusion going on then. While the other two student council members were responsible for setting up the stage as required by each participant, I on the other hand, was responsible for keeping the participants arranged and ready for their turn. Surprisingly, getting the participants arranged and silent was really easy, getting their confidence boosted right before their performance was not (in other words, students will listen to you more when they are stressed). So I ended up giving 70% of them a ‘morale boosting talk’ which somehow worked, especially when the audience was very supportive and encouraged every single one of them!

  The performances were amazing as well as entertaining. There was a huge variety of talent displayed by the performers which included; solo/group dance, solo/band singing, instrumental skills,comedy skits and more. While some performers were already known to be great in their respective talent, there were so many more students who displayed amazing skills but never told anyone else about their hidden talent. Some performances like the 11th grade group dance (by Malavika, Arya and Nayantara)and the band performance (by Mihir and Harsh) and many more, were splendid towatch and listen to. But there were many other performances that wouldn’t stopthe audience from holding back their laughter, some of them were the comedicskit performance (by Avaneesh, everyone was impressed by his south Indianwedding jokes) and how could anyone forget the concluding (and everyone’sfavourite) performance of the whole event performed by the 12thgrade boys dance group? Many people from the audience were restless (especiallythe 11th and 12th graders), so they would stand besidethe stage and dance to whatever music was playing during the performances.Despite receiving many warnings from our school Vice- Captain, it stillwouldn’t stop them from having fun.

Talent day was very long (lasted for 2.5hours). We had two teachers to judge the performances fairly so that the bestof them could win a prize. I’m sure it’s going to be a difficult task for themsince there were so many amazing performances. However, at the end of theevent, almost everyone left the assembly hall with a smile on their faces, whilethe others were busy taking selfies or were setting up the stage for the nextevent, teacher’s day!

                                                                              Report – Sandra B. Prasad (11B)