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Teachers' Enrichment Programme by Mr. Samir Geepee (Governor, JSSIS)


Samir Geepee is a creative thinker and an effective conversationalist. He is the Founder and Curator of Awesome Walkers, a platform created to inspire and motivate through the art of deep conversations. Samir is also involved in the program quality initiatives of Toastmasters International at the district level covering UAE, Oman, Jordan, and Lebanon. Over the course of years, Samir has brought together people from different spheres of life to have engaging conversations, as well as exchange of knowledge and ideas. Samir excels in quick thinking, free-format conversations and inspiring talks. Samir is a trained practitioner of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) coaching methods. He has wide experience in applying his unique style of coaching within enterprises, across industries. His approach — in letting participants learn and solve the problems at hand themselves — has been highly commended by his clients. 10 THINGS THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE Samir conducts workshops and training programs that enhance the engagement and communication within and across teams. The approach is to enlighten and bring awareness to the areas outside the constraints teams usually impose on themselves. His programs include resources and materials for the clients to be self-sufficient to carry forward the learnings and skills. Mr. Samir Geepee conducted a workshop for the teachers of JSS International School, titled ‘10 things that will change your life’. In his capacity as the Governor of the school, Samir has always been an active part of organising enrichment programs for the faculty, such as Toastmasters program, designed to enrich teachers with effective and efficient communication skills. The workshop kicked started with a simple question for the audience, “What is your life purpose?” A question often thought about yet seldom voiced out, set many of us pondering over what we believed to be our life purpose. The answer to the question was found in a discussion marking out the difference between a purpose and a life goal. Through an activity which involved listing down the ‘ups’ and ‘downs’ each one of us faced in our life, Samir guided us through an enlightening journey of introspection, cognizance and self discovery. The aim of the workshop was to provide teaches with an opportunity to evaluate their life objectives and to awaken a need for growing further through being actively engaged in challenging activities related to various fields of life or else as Samir commented, an inactive life is no less different than a flatline. In other words it is equivalent to end of life itself. Only a teacher, who is able to introspect and constantly evaluate her life purpose, will be able to act as a guide for her students. The workshop was designed in a manner that the progress of the day dependent on the active participation of its members, which made the experience thoroughly enjoyable. This also proved to be a valuable experience for all of us to listen to each other share our stories, views and opinions on the various thought provoking questions shared by Samir. ‘10 things that will change your life’ were 10 important pointers that are necessary in every one of our lives yet we all tend to forget them in the struggle to survive. Through his own life experiences and sharing experiences of others, Samir certainly kept all of us hooked on to his words. The workshop conducted by Mr. Samir was indeed enriching experience for the teachers and we all look forward to being a part of many more such programs with him.