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The Poetic Heart


The 7th ‘Poetic Heart’ meet, ‘Connecting Humanity’ wasa programme hosted by SGI-Gulf inassociation with “Emirates Institute of Banking and Financial Studies”,“Knowledge Village” and “Dubai International   Academic City”.

The ‘Poetic heart’ is anexpression to reach out and connect with the local community through poetry, toshare core values of peace, culture, environment and universal harmony. Itis a platform where many established poets, musicians and school students unitetogether and share their expressions through poetry.

Ms. Malvika Pavothil from grade 9B, was one among the 30 students, selectedfrom across the UAE to present her poem ‘Building Bridges’. 

A team of 20 students from grades8 and 9 of our school participated in the event, which took place on the 4th ofFebruary 2018. 

This unique poetry symposium witnessed poetry byrenowned and distinguished 14 Emirati and International poets and 30 selectedbudding student poets and the determined ones reciting in 9 Internationallanguages.


Over the past six years,over 50 eminent poets, 14 musicians and 45 studentshave contributed through their insightful poetry and enchanting music. 


The experience of listening to the heartfelt emotions inthe poems written by students was deeply touching.