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Visit to Al Rawabi Dairy Farm


On the 19th of March, 2018 the students ofgrade 7 and 8 visited the Al Rawabi Dairy Farm, Dubai. The company's corevalues are integrity, quality, collaboration, innovation, efficiency,sustainability and maintaining a HSE standard. Their prime mission is "TheNation's Health". We visited their museum which gave us a rough history ofthe background of the farm. We were told that a cow can only produce milk whenshe has given birth and when she is 170cm in height and 350kg in weight. Eachcow in the farm is clean and well maintained, besides being showered four timesa day they are also cooled with a special "air-conditioning" system,it is an automatic cooling system, so whenever the temperature goes above 210C the cooling system goes on, for the cow to survive in the desert. Themilking process in the farm is efficiently operated. The cows are washed everytime before milking. They are milked on a "milk-line", it collectsmilk into containers and sends the milk to filter. After milking, the cows areagain washed and dried off. Each cow is milked 3 times a day and producesaround 30 liters of milk. They started in 1989 with 500 imported cows and todaythey have 13,000 cows. Each cow's milk is tested for any possible infection orbacteria associated with the cow, if the cow is healthy the milk will beproduced, but if the milk is not 100% healthy, then the milk will be thrownaway immediately. We then visited the place where the packaging takes place. Themilk is pumped into plant storage silos where it undergoes pasteurization, homogenizationand a further process which makes it healthy, tasty and a quality productguaranteed by Al Rawabi. It was an AMAZING experience and a very knowledgeabletrip. We would like to thank the respective authorities of Al Rawabi and theteachers of our school for providing us the opportunity. - Sara Joshi (8C)