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  • Alumni Talk

    Alumni Talk was organized for Grade 10-12 students on 13/04/22  in the school auditorium  for Grade 10-12. The Guest Speakers- Faizah Shafeek, Malavika Pavothil and Vedant Deshpande shared their experiences of pursuing their dream careers and what goes into the process of university UK applications.

    The purpose of this panel discussion was to provide a student perspective on the entire process of university applications and what it really means to live a university life, the do’s and don’ts of high school and importance of profile building. The talk was followed by a Q & A session which addressed the concerns of the students. It was a very enriching and impactful session for instilling college readiness in our students.

    Ms. Alfia Kauser, School Counsellor along with the college prep team - Karishma Kamalahasan ,Aarya Chaurasia,Dhruv Sachdeva,Keisha Pais,Manoj Manikandan ,Eshaan Mungre  and Sarah Pereira.

    organized this event and intend to provide more such sessions on career guidance.