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Since the global pandemic has brought a wave of sudden unpredictable changes, we at JSSIS have rolled our sleeves up to ensure that all safety measures have been put in place and followed strictly to tackle the pandemic.

The world might be crippled by COVID-19, but the will of the society remains undeterred. With life resuming normalcy, the educational institutions too are recouping from it on a linear progressive basis. The schools have quickly responded back by opening its door to resume face to face learning. This paradigm shift is welcomed by parents, teachers, and students equally. Students are enthralled to be back in the classrooms along with their peers. The classes start on a regular note with the morning assembly followed by the learning time.

They are taught core subjects like UAE SST, Science, Math, Arabic, English, Islamic and Value Education. All the hands-on learning activities required to hone their cognitive skills are also being imparted to them. Activities like quizzes, guessing games, role plays, puzzles etc. are a regular feature of face to face learning keeping it in sync with the online learning module. During the entire session we ensure safety measures as enunciated by KHDA. They are engaged in both on screen and off-screen work. They enjoy being back to school and learning with their peers makes it more intriguing and interesting.

The school management also emphasizes on safety measure to be followed. Social distancing stickers, signage explaining the do’s and don’ts and sanitizers have been placed strategically. Students are periodically reminded by the teachers by conducting awareness programs in classrooms to follow the safety protocol. Right from the moment students and staff board the bus their body temperature is being checked. Their seating arrangements in classrooms and bus have been structured to comply with the social distancing norms set by the authorities and reinforced by the KHDA.

They are informed to get their own resources from home, and they are not allowed to share their belongings. They are allowed in-turns to use the washrooms and frequent hand washing procedures have been put in place. We ensure they do not get into physical contact with each other. The entire school campus, including their seats, is sanitized regularly. It is always mandatory for the students to wear mask and for the school staff to wear the face shield and hand gloves in addition to the face mask. They are instructed to remain apart by 2 meters while in line to board the bus. They are completely under constant supervision of the school staff.


  • Signage stickers and sanitizers have been put up in close proximity in all areas of our premise.
  • All staff have been provided with face shields and hand gloves.
  • Children are encouraged to wash their hands frequently, wear face shields at all times and bring all the necessary resources from home.
  • Regular sanitization in all areas has been set as priority.
  • Student’s seating arrangements in each classroom have been structured to comply with the social distancing norms set by the authorities and reinforced by the KHDA.
  • Overall, it is a new normal that all the children and staff have embraced whole heartedly and successfully put to practice in School.

Actions/Procedures Followed :

  • Social distancing stickers and signage explaining the do’s and don’ts in school have been placed strategically.
  • Wearing a face shield and frequent hand-washing procedures has been put in place and children have been informed to get their own resources from home.
  • Cleanliness, hygiene and sanitization procedures have been implemented in all areas rigorously.
  • Teacher’s conducting awareness programs in classrooms for students while maintaining their well-being has been ongoing.

Best Practices:

  • The students attending face-to-face classes have been very well accustomed to the new protocols followed at the school.
  • The students attending face-to-face classes have been very well accustomed to the new protocols followed at the school.

Suggestions for improvement:

All safety measures implemented by the school must remain ongoing and continued to be monitored well.

It is happy to note that students, parents, and teachers have embraced this shift from online learning to face to face learning.


We have well organized transportation system with all safety measures for face to face learning in our school. There are 21 students have opted for face to face learning. Some of them are opted for school transportation and others are using their own transportation.

The details are:

  • The number of students using the school bus is: 7
  • The number of school buses being used are : 3
  • On an average 45 teachers and admin staff uses the school buses besides those 7 students.


1. All buses are disinfected before and after every trip by an authorized company with the DHA approved chemicals. Records of disinfection maintained for audit.

2. Bus seat arrangement is made in line with the Covid 19 Protocol for students' transportation in the Emirates of Dubai with appropriate stickers on school bus seat for social distancing and facility for hand sanitization.

3. All passengers are subject to a thermal scanning prior to boarding the bus at every trip.

4. Daily attendance is taken and recorded.

5. Drivers and conductors are subjected to a periodic PCR Test to ensure they are free from Covid 19.

Entry and Exit:

  • At the main entrance, all passengers are scanned by security personal.
  • Entry to and exit from the school building are channeled for all, with social distancing procedures, appropriate Covid 19 protocol signboards, sanitizer loaded dispensers and stickers etc. placed to ensure guidance to utmost safety for all.
  • Students are barred from using school elevators.


JSSIS CLINIC (Room no:4)

School clinic is upgraded all the novel rules as per DHA recommendations which were imparted for the prevention of Covid 19.Accordingly, clinic room temperature has to be maintained below 24 degree Celsius. Moreover, the cupboard (medicine, equipment, stock) have to be set in above mentioned temperature .Clinic should equip with none touch soap dispenser and waste bins .We maintained all these precautions and is well spaced to maintain social distancing between staffs as well as students.


Our isolation room is well arranged and satisfied all the recommendations of DHA. It is accessible to the main school clinic.

a. Access with a dedicated toilet and hand washing area

b. Surveillance camera is fixed which is connected to clinic system.

c. Oxygen cylinder

d. Sanitizer (Non touch)

e. Gloves and Masks (in stock)

f. Single bed and pillow with protected cover

g. Two door (Entry and Exit door )


Observation room is arranged near to isolation room .This is the room where we keep our personal protective equipment such as (Gloves, Gown, Mask and Sanitizer). Staff gowning has to be done in the observation room before entering to the isolation room.