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Inclusion 2



1.Emotional Intelligence

A well-being session was conducted for middle school students on 9th September 2022. School Counsellor, Ms. Alfia Kauser enlightened students about emotional intelligence, the importance of it for striving in the real world, and strategies to develop the same. Emotional intelligence is one of the most crucial life skills. Children are now aware of what emotions are and ways to regulate and manage them.

It was a very interactive and insightful session.


2.Cyber Bullying

Secondary school assembly was conducted on 20/04/22 in the school auditorium. The thematic assembly was to address the rising concerns of cyberbullying. School Counsellor, Ms. Alfia Kauser, enlightened the audience on the social, psychological and emotional impact of cyberbullying. She shared her insights on creating awareness about cyberbullying, how to tackle it, the legal concerns and whom to approach for help.

An assembly was conducted for middle school students on 24/05/22 to address the same


3.Exam Anxiety

A well-being session on exam anxiety was organized on 29/08/2022 for secondary school students, by the school counselor, Ms. Alfia Kauser. She emphasized on what is exam anxiety, its symptoms, and ways to cope with it. Students were enlightened with strategies to navigate through stress and anxiety experienced very commonly during exams. A session was conducted for middle school students as well before their term 1 exams in June by Ms. Aparajita Sahoo.

4. Being Responsible

 A well-being session was conducted by Ms. Shruti Patrikar for students of the primary phase, where she highlighted on being responsible individuals as moral values instilled at this stage lay the foundation for children and the values stay with them as they grow older.







5. World Mental Health Day

Student-led thematic assemblies by primary, middle and secondary phases on mental health awareness were conducted by the department of inclusion and guidance which focused primarily on the importance of mental health, reaching out for help, to be kind to others and more importantly to oneself and the fact that "It's okay not to be okay". The thematic assembly was an initiative to partake in World Mental Health Day observed on 10th October globally.


Parent Talks

Parent talks, and a series of webinars were conducted by Ms. Aparajita Sahoo, Head of Inclusion and Guidance for parents.She highlighted on parenting tips and tricks, strategies that focused on the holistic development of children, and ways to navigate through the challenges of parenting.The sessions were conducted to ensure parent and student well-being.


Well-Being for support staff

As an initiative to celebrate the primary care givers in school, department of inclusion and guidance celebrates the birthdays of bus monitors along with children to instil gratitude in children and value the ones who are first to receive them and drop them safely to their homes.



A student led-campaign on mental health awareness was organised across all phases. Students of Grade 11 participated enthusiastically in this campaign under the guidance of ,School Counsellor Ms. Alfia Kauser. Students highlighted the importance of mental health, the need to talk about it and the fact that “it’s okay not to be okay”. Campaigners educated the children to seek help from school counselors during times of distress. They highlighted the importance of breaking the stigma related to mental health and focused on the challenges children face in a post pandemic era.

Career Talks

1. Cross country analysis-university research a series of career talks for students of grade 11 and 12 in the school auditorium on 14/09/22 . With university application season approaching, the first talk by Ms. Shyamala Elango, focused on cross-country analysis for students interested in exploring educational opportunities abroad. While the second talk by Mr. Prabhdeep Singh Baweja, primarily focused on accounting as a profession. It was a very insightful session.


2.Where to begin?-

1. A Career Talk was organized for Grade 8-12 students by Ms Rema Menon. The career talk was held to direct the students to gain valuable information regarding various skill sets, educational opportunities, scholarships, career choices and new age careers available. She guided the students to start their career paths by choosing the right streams depending on the parameters of interests and abilities.


2. Opportunities in field of medicine- ‘Career Talk’ was organised from 10AM TO 12PM on 2ND March ,2022 for Grade 9-10 students as an initiative to guide the students and provide valuable insights on emerging career paths in the field of medicine. The key note speakers were Dr. Vishal Kumar Gupta, Doctorate in Pharmacy and Dr. Prashanth Sadashivamurthy, Phd in Faculty of Dentistry. Both the speakers are Deputy Directors (Academics) at JSS Academy of Higher Education & Research (JSS AHER), Mysuru, India. They focused on core values required to pursue medicine and paramedical fields which are compassion, emotional intelligence, and empathy. The students were made to reflect on their career goals and value a fulfilling life.


Skills for success series:

Skills for success series, a series of webinars, scheduled on second Saturday monthly, was initiated in March 2022 for secondary school (grade 9-12) with the goal of providing students a platform to ensure career readiness and career clarity. It is an on-going series. for college readiness and to necessitate life skills in a post covid era to ensure successful transition from schooling to college


Career Fairs

A Career Fair was organised for JSS Private School and JSS International School in November 2021. This fair was organized as an initiative to enlighten students on the various international educational opportunities within the UAE and create a platform to gain insights on the educational programs available in line with their interests and abilities. The highlight of the fair was the 34 global universities that were present in this interactive and insightful event.

With university application processes ahead, more than 200 students from Grade 10-12 attended the career fair.

Alumni Talks

1.Alumni Talk was organised for Grade 10-12 students on 13/04/22 in the school auditorium. The talk focused on a student perspective on UK university application process, profile building and the transition from high school to university life.2. JSS Alumni talk was presided over by an accomplished JSSIS alumni, Jinal Dargar. She is one of the youngest ACCA affiliates and a UAE prize winner in the Financial Reporting Exam of ACCA in the UAE in the Dec 2020 session. She enlightened the students about a career in commerce and shared with them strategies to plan their career. JSSIS eagerly awaits these opportunities for opening doors of conversations between the alumni and students as they serve as important links between classroom learning and practical life.


Ms. Aparajita Sahoo- Head of inclusion and guidance oversees the department activities across all phases, provides counselling sessions for students as well as parents. She has been conducting training sessions for teachers across the school to guide them comprehensively on inclusion , guidance and well-being. She can be reached at



Ms. Usharani- SENCO for Kindergarten for over a decade at JSSIS  provides a holistic approach in early identification, intervention and support to students. She also guides the teachers to provide in-class support to students with special needs.She can be reached as 



Ms. Shruti Patrikar – SENCO for primary, middle and secondary phase provides early identification, intervention and support to students especially those who require learning support. She also guides the teachers to provide in-class support to students with special needs. She can be reached at



Ms. Alfia Kauser- School counsellor for middle and secondary phase provides counselling support with regards to social, emotional and behavioural concerns. She provides career counselling and gudiance sessions to secondary school students. She conducts well-being sessions for the students to enhance their social, spiritual, emotional, mental and physical well-being. She also guides the teachers to provide in-class support to students. She can be reached at