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I believe that after the information revolution our responsibility towards our children’s education has become even more challenging.The need of the day is to equip our children with critical thinking and practical skills so that they can be useful contributors to a global society in the 21st century.
For this, educators have to be innovative and exploit all tools that Information Technology provides. Even social networking has to be adapted and linked to classroom learning.The many studies on the academic success story of Asian immigrants makes one pause and take a hard look at the Eastern Education system that does not rely much on technology.
Parental expectation and involvement, strong family values and the desire to succeed in life in a competitive environment is the Eastern contribution to successful education .If we can link the Western pedagogy and their best practices to the Eastern belief and value system, we would be on track to make our pupils global citizens in a continuously evolving world.

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  • “I really appreciate the way you help children learn and make Kindergarten such a positive experience for Aarayna. With all your patience, creativity and love Aarayna is learning a lot and has started enjoying the classes more !!”

    Ms.Kushboo Varma, M/o Aarayna – KG 1 ‘A’
  • “It (Literacy Week) was really interesting.... We should really thank the JSS PS team for conducting such interesting activities. Kids really enjoyed. Through such programs kids are improving a lot... Even in such a difficult situation of COVID 19, through such activities, JSS is giving chance to showcase student’s talents. We thanks the teachers a lot for the hard work in managing everything in a smooth way”

    Ms. Sangeetha , M/o Riya – KG 2 ‘C’
  • “I would like to express my gratitude for being caring and concerned of each and every child. You give equal opportunity for all, and most importantly you listen to them individually. Which gives them the confidence to speak.”

    Ms.Deepa Anthuvan, Parent
  • “Activities like story reading, vocabulary dress-up, enacting different emotions through a short drama and whole class singing, brought out hidden talents in him which was very encouraging. Academic and Extracurricular activities have been blended well. Ryan enjoyed it a lot. I totally appreciate the fun-filled and innovative approach of teaching which has made learning very interesting for the kids these days.”

    Ms.Sherin Kuruvilla , M/o Ryan – KG 1 ‘E’
  • “You (the teacher) were not just a teacher, a listener, helper, coach, and cheerleader as well. The past week was full of all fun and enlightened activities which definitely proved booster for our little ones. You seasoned our children very well, and now that they are ready to go out in the real world. As a parent, I simply admire the work and thank you for all the support and dedicated hard work shown by you.”

    Ms.Mridulla Anand, Parent

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