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Secondary Stage

For classes IX- X at Secondary levels, CBSE recommends the study of five learning areas in addition to the core.

Secondary Stage

The secondary phase program is designed on the ICSE curriculum mandate that focuses on personal, social, health and economic education. We strive to prepare students for opportunities, responsibilities & experiences that await them in the future. Subject options available to students at this stage are:


- English, Hindi/French, History, Civics and Geography, Arabic (as per the UAE Syllabus)


- Mathematics, Science (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology), Economics, Commercial Studies


- Computer application, Commercial application, Art, Physical Education

Students are guided in making an informed decision regarding their subject options through model classes, career awareness programs and personalized support at the end of grade 8. Extracurricular activities, personality development workshops, club activities, inter-school and intra-school competitions continue to be an integral part of the school program.


The senior secondary program focuses on preparing students for higher education. Students are provided a variety of subject options based on ISC curriculum to support them in building a subject portfolio most suitable for university applications. The senior school years are treated as a critical period for fostering academic excellence, cultivating self-confidence & building creative, reflective & analytical thinkers. Students are consistently supported by competent mentors and guides throughout senior school.

For securing the Pass certificate (awarded at the end of successful completion of grade 12), all candidates must appear for English (compulsory) and four elective subjects in an external examination conducted by CISCE. Additionally, all candidates must have been evaluated internally by the school and secured a Pass grade in Socially Useful Productive Work and Community Service (compulsory).

The subjects offered are:

Compulsory Subject

1. English Literature and English Language

Elective Subjects

1. Mathematics/ Psychology/ Business Studies

2. Physics/Accountancy/ Sociology

3. Biology/ Economics/ Computer/ Art

4. Chemistry/ Commerce/ Art

5. Value education/ Islamic Studies

6. Moral Education